Inagaki was born in a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo in 1998. Like many Japanese youths, he too experienced the influence of Westernization. In his mid to late teens, driven by a longing for America, he engaged in graffiti in Tokyo as a form of personal exploration and rebellion. This path led him into an entirely new realm of art, gradually shifting his focus from destruction to creation. As a result, his artistic development journey was entirely self-taught.

The figurative paintings transitioning between pop characters, monsters, and humans in his art depict the intermediary state he found himself in, influenced by his childhood games and anime, Tokyo's youth culture, and the impact of Westernization. Within his paintings, individuals draped in black shed skin color, religious affiliations, and backgrounds, transitioning into a flat realm of ambiguous identity.

In response to contemporary societal phenomena, Inagaki endeavors to portray our intermediate identities and interrogate them.